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Social Magnes was born to serve its peers: startup Latina entrepreneurs, empowering them, to fill a need across multicultural markets.

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We create and deploy tailored Digital Marketing solutions for Startups and small organizations, lead by Latina entrepreneurs, serving multicultural communities.


To become bridges linking startups and multicultural communities; to become engines of economic and social growth nurtured by diversity.


Do you want a fish, a fishing pole or learning how to fish?.. We can do it all for you!

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A Menu of solutions and services in Digital Marketing, tailored to the needs, type of activities and strategic engagement level with our customer.



Research Services, “cultural translations” and Social Media Knowledge Database.



Tailored Social Media Strategies and Campaigns, Websites and Branding.



Social Media Management, Dashboards, Analytics and Reports for solid ROI.



Social Media Presence.



Market Analysis, SEO.



Real-time Tweaking.


Digital Marketing for you


We get to know you and your business


Our solutions will suit you as a cute black dress


Because we know what you want, We can tailor our solutions to your needs.

/Pick just one or pick them all

Creation of Posts through specific and selected Social Media Outlets.

Webpage Content Generation process aligned with our customer’s vision and purpose.

Full access to our Digital Marketing Platforms Knowledge Database.

Benchmarking and Market Research reports.

Exposure and access to Networking Opportunities with peers and potential customers.

Research Services, to filter raw material useful to the creation of social media contents by the customer.

Audit Reports including statistics and Social Media Strategy Deployment Analytics.

Branding and exposure, keeping consistency across all different Social Media Platform.

New Platforms assessment and fitting.

Analytics over Social Media Campaigns data and reports for diverse stakeholders.

Real-time Tweaking on engaged Social Media Campaigns to ensure goals’ achievement.

Creation and deployment of Social Media Campaigns.

Social Media Presence strategies to enhance traffic exposure, increase followers and promote influencers.

Creation of complete Social Media Strategies to be deployed.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies to enhance brand awareness and web presence.

Outsourcing of Social Media Management.

Social Media Platform Integration (100%)
SEO (80%)
Content Management (100%)
Cultural Translation (100%)
Analytics (70%)



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